• 1.Why Not Plywood but Choose the Plastic Formwork?

      Product Advantages: - Reuse more than 60 times - Light weight save labor - Great nail-holing power - No need for release agent - Water proof, high temperature resistance most importantly, compared with the plywood, PP Plastic Formwork save 40% material cost. We suggst use plastic formwork in big projects or high rise buildings.

    • 2.Are You Using New Material or Recycled Material for Production?

      There's no 100% new material formula in the market, we are using the standard quality Special composite formwork material for production, guarantee the best balance between cost and performance.
      Of course if you insist for new material, we can do that, but it cost more than the normal standard formwork.

    • 3.Is the Bending and Strength As Good As Plywood?

      If use in the correct way, with the wooden supporters help, formwork is strong enought and never be bended. We have proved this too much after customers' use in much countries.

    • 4.Can I Put a Small Order for Testing?

      Sure, we would like to give the best support for your marketing and testing, MOQ is 1-2 pallets, depends on the size you need.

    • 5.How Long It Takes for Production for 400pcs?

      It takes 7-10days for 400pcs around, 7-14days for 1000pcs around. We have 10 production lines, some spec got stock, welcome online enquiry to make sure the exact delivery time!

    • 6.Is This Plastic Formwork Fire Retardant?

      Strictly speaking, the normal standard formwork is not fire retardant. It can be fired if there's fire around. But compared with the plywood, plastic formwork is not that inflammable.
      We can do the normative fire retardant plastic formwork, which should use 100% pp + fire retardant material together, it costs high.

    • 7.Does the Plastic Formwork Need Releasing Agent for Demoulding?

      Absolutely no need, because of the PP material special performance, the formwork surface would be get connect with any of the concrete, so no need for release agent.

    • 8.How Much Times Plastic Formwork Can Be Reused?

      If you use in a correct way, 60-100times can be reused with no problem.

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